Keep all cookies when installing

  • Hello,

    I have over 2000 cookies in Safari and I am installing Cookie.
    It asks me which cookies to KEEP.
    I want to keep them all. I intend to do housekeeping AFTER installing. I thought Cookie was all about just doing that.

    There is no way to do that except click over 2000 times. There is a shift-selection possible but it only adds one in an extended selection.
    I am afraid to lose all of my cookies and do not intend to click over 2000 times.
    So I quit the Cookie application and hope to get a workaround for this problem before I start using it.
    Safari gives me the possibility to select multiple sites at once and then delete the selected. I think Cookie should at least offer the same functionality.

    I hope I do not sound to negative. I just bought the application on the Apple Store and intend to use it. Looking at the forum, support seems OK and this removed my doubts. Cookie is probably very nice. But the app and me are getting off on the wrong foot...:-)

  • Hi Peter,

    you can use right-click (secondary click on your laptop) to reveal a contextual menu which you can use to check all cookies.
    If you just skip through the setup selection, Cookie doesn't actually remove any cookies till you tell it to. so you could also skip though the "Removal Options" tab in setup.