Two Instances of Cookie in Menu Bar

  • Cookie version 4.5.2
    OS El Capitan 10.11.1

    This is a very recent occurrence that I can't tie to any particular OS upgrade or other software installation - seemed random.

    Upon a restart I have two instances of Cookie showing up in the Menu Bar. They look identical, they act identical and it does not matter which one I quit, Cookie seems to continue working correctly.

    Not all sure what steps to take to eliminate this issue.

  • some others have had this happen also, and the only thing everyone had in common was they all had a backup disk attached.

    do you have another copy of Cookie either on your computer, or on a backup disk?

  • Thanks for the insta-reply Russell. No backup disk currently on although it did make me consider that I have a Carbon Copy Cloner Safety Net. However, checking it does not show any version of Cookie.

    This is very recent behaviour. It also occurs every single time I have had to restart this machine.

    Colour me confused.

    I am in the middle of something that is preventing a restart right this minute. As soon as I am able I will remove the Carbon Copy Cloner Safety Net, restart the machine and report back the results.

    While there is no Cookie application in the CCC Safety Net I do notice there are other Cookie-associated items included in the Safety Net so perhaps it is the source of a conflict.

  • Apologies for the delay in adding to this. I had a terrible time removing the Carbon Copy Cloner Safety Net folder and have learned that was a result of Apple's recent "System Integrity Protection", or SIP. However, after deleting the folder and restarting I had only a single instance of Cookie in the Menu Bar but the next restart brought back two versions of Cookie.

    I had no drives either mounted or even turned on. What I did notice is that Cookie showed as a Login Item:

    ~/Login Items

    so what I did was:

    I unchecked “Open Cookie at Login”
    however, this still left the login listed in ~/Login Items

    “hide” was initially checked but I have unchecked it.

    Removed the ~/Login Item/

    relaunched Cookie and re-selected “Open Cookie at Login”

    This does not recreate the Login Item in ~/Login Items

    After a restart the Cookie Login item no longer appears in ~/Login Items

    I also have had no repeat instance (so far at least) of double Cookie apps in the Menu Bar.

    Obviously Cookie is using a different method to launch itself at Login other than including it in ~/Login Items so perhaps my Login entry was from an earlier version of Cookie and never got cleared when Cookie was updated?

    For the moment this seems to be resolved. I have restarted a number of times this morning and no double instances of Cookie have appeared in the Menu Bar.

    Still, the question remains for me as to why this would seem to randomly begin occurring in the first place.

  • that is odd?

    there is a known conflict with having Cookie checked in Login Items, and also within Cookie's Preferences. but that normally results in Cookie's window being opened at Login rather than hidden.

    but ill keep a note of this incase anyone else has the same issue.

  • For me, for as far back in versions as I can recall, Cookie's window always opened at Login even though it was checked to "Hide."

    For the time being it is not checked to "Hide."

    Also, when I initially posted my question I went through the steps to upload an attachment which was a pic of what I was seeing. Is that something you see or did it disappear into the ether?

  • I never did see the image....
    I guess it did get eaten by the Forum.