Please stop updating more than once a week!

  • This is getting ridiculous. I like Cookie and use it every day, but I'm getting annoyed by how often I have to update the app. It feels like Cookie has an update as often as all my other apps combined! Every single time I get an update notification in the Mac app store, I say to myself, "I hope it's not just Cookie again", but it usually is. In the past two weeks, there have been FIVE updates (Oct 22, Oct 23, Oct 26, Oct 31, Nov 3), one almost every other day! Please consolidate your updates.

    It's annoying because updating is a disruption, especially with the popup saying it needs to close the program to update. Each disruption is only minor, but if there are enough of them, and they occur all the time, they start to feel a LOT like spam.

  • My apologies.
    I hear you, it was frustrating for me too.
    The large number of updates was due to the El Capitan release (and bugs turning up), and me wanting to get stability for those on El Cap.

    there won't be anymore updates now unless a major bug is found.

    All my my focus is now on Cookie 5.