• I have a macbook pro 15 running 10.10. Cannot get the software to change the mac address. It will randomize and try to change but sends a notification that it can't and to check my password. Password isn't the problem. Not sure if they changed something in 10.10 or if there is a setting. Please help!!!

  • ok,

    it should be working
    So your password is correct. try opening Preferences and put your password in the password field, and select "Automatically authenticate"
    does that make any difference?

  • Mine is not working either. I have "Automatically authenticate" enabled. When i press "randomize" it seems to change, wifi briefly disconnects, then reconnects but when i go to system settings the wifi/mac address remains unchanged. I have tried using the WiFispoof app while disconnected and with wifi turned off to see if it would make a difference, but the app wont work at all until connected to a network. I have also used terminal to determine the spoofed address, however the original address remains. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Ok,
    The MAC address displayed in system preferences is your Hardware address - and so it never changes. However WiFiSpoof changes the software address, making it completely reversible.

    you can check if it really has been changed by tying this command into Terminal.app:
    ifconfig en0 |grep ether

    the software address is the MAC Address that is broadcast from your computer to external devices.