SessionRestore v8 Bug puts last tab on first place

  • Hi there,

    i love this tool really. Thanks for that.
    But now with ElCapitan and V8 there seems to be a major bug.

    After closing Safari and reopen it, the last tab opened in Safari always will put to the first tab.

    You've opened this sites in exactly this tab order

    Facebook, Netflix, youtube, [u]google[/u].

    Now closing Safari and restarting the tabs will shown as this

    [u]google[/u], facebook, netflix, youtube

    This bug is always reproducible no matter how many or what tabs you opened. And it always affect only the last tab. All other opened tabs are in the correct order.

    Please fix it - thanks in advance.

  • sure thing,

    ill take a look at this tonight.

  • I uploaded v8.0.3 to Apple for review a few days ago, and this fixes the tab order. Hopefully it will be reviewed sometime this coming week.