• Hey guys,

    I have beta version of Cookie that runs on El Capitan. Can you all let me know if you run into any issues, Ive been running it on my machine for around a week without "any" issues....

    I did experience some cookie loss but, I could not reproduce it, so maybe it was a non related event.

    I also haven't tested the timer, so any feedback on that would be appreciated.

    Please note, this is a beta, so make sure you backup the file: ~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.binarycookies
    before installing Cookie 4.4a 4.4b 4.4c 4.4d 4.4f 4.4g 4.4h 4.4i 4.4j 4.4k.


    here it is:

    Backups are your friend!

    Cookie 4.4 is now officially available in the Mac App Store and on my servers

  • Since I have the macappstore version, how do I register it?

  • send me an email to info at sweetpproductions dot com, and ill sort out a license for you.

  • New beta here folks:

    This hopefully fixes an issue with crashing when the timer is enabled.

  • Another new beta, and another attempt at fixing the timer crashes.



  • yet another new beta,
    with more attempted timer fixes.



  • hopefully this one finally fixes a rare crash that can occur


  • some more fixes:


  • new beta here:

  • on beta 6 cookie doesn't load at startup although the preference is checked.

  • thanks for the feedback

    ill look into this

  • Hi Russell,

    I noticed that 4.4h does not remove Safari cache in Beta 6. See the attached screenshot for "proof".


  • On version h, cookies are not being saved. I have it set to delete all non-favorite on safari quit, but even favorite ones are being deleted. Sometimes a couple stick around but more often than not, everything is gone. The favorites still show up in the list but there are 0 cookies attached to the favorite and they are greyed out.

  • Same issue here - 4.4h is NOT saving cookies in OS X 10.11 Beta (15A262e). All items are greyed out.

  • It also takes an extremely long time for new cookies to show up in the cookie window. Back on stable release, i would log into a new site, open the cookie window right away to mark it as a favorite and it was already there. now under beta h, it takes at least 30 seconds for the cookie to show up in the cookie window to mark it as a favorite (even though it doesn't matter at this point because its not saving them anyways haha)

  • hmmm,

    Apple has removed official support for cookie access in El Capitan, and I've had to access them manually. reading the cookie file is not so difficult, however Apple has added a security key to the file making writing to the cookie file extremely difficult....
    (well the difficulty is not so much the in the writing of the file, but in having Safari accept the newly written cookie file as being legitimate)

    I'll take another look, and see if i can find a better solution.

    I also haven't looked into cache removal yet.

  • If it's of any help, here's a sample of what my entire "Cookie Window" list looks like:


    Note that every line is grayed out.


  • I just had an idea, and ill try it out tonight....
    If it works, ill post a new beta next week sometime.

  • I just had an idea, and ill try it out tonight....
    If it works, ill post a new beta next week sometime.

    Any luck?

  • My idea works.... But not in the sandbox....
    I'll keep refining my current implementation