Cookie does not recognize or delete cookies

  • Cookie says there are 0 - 4 cookies. Safari says there are 8 - 43. Deleting all cookies through Cookie does not reduce the number of cookies that Safari reports. Is Cookie doing anything? How can I tell?

  • are the cookies being reported in Safari as Cache cookies?
    if so, you need to enable cache removal in Cookie.

    also, because of how Safari works, you may not get a correct display of cache cookies (after removal by Cookie) until you restart Safari.

  • Right now, Cookie reports one flash cookie and no other cookies. Safari reports cookies from eight websites, including a cache cookie from one of them. So seven non-cache cookies are reported by Safari, but none by Cookie. If I choose "Remove all unwanted Safari data", Cookie reports no cookies of any type and Safari continues to report the same eight cookies. It looks as if Cookie doesn't know about most cookies and is not deleting them. What am I not understanding?

  • what are the other cookie types?
    are they Cookies, Local Storage or some other type?

    if they are showing as Cookies, then they must be session Cookies, which Cookie does not have access to. these are deleted by Safari automatically on browser quit.

  • Thanks for the quick responses, Russell.

    I don't recall the type of cookies when I last wrote. Right now, Cookie reports no cookies and Safari reports "Cookies" from four sites. In addition to those "Cookies" (whatever type they are), Safari reports a couple cache cookies and some local storage usage.

    I did not know that Cookie does not delete session cookies. Information on gives me the impression that a user has complete control over all cookies.

    Thanks for your help.