Erased cookies before I clicked

  • This is a follow up to my previous post.

    Since Cookie was taking such a long time, it was running for over 30 minutes, I went to another desktop to try to do some work. When I returned all cookies but the few I'd managed to check as favorites had been removed.
    As far as I know I didn't click any "remove" buttons.
    However, the behavior was very erratic. While I was waiting the black spinning gear wheel would appear and disappear on the screen. Sometimes I had a mouse pointer but as soon as I moved the mouse the spinning gear wheel returned - which I assume means all the iMac's resources were being consumed.

    If I wanted to repeat this set-up process could I go into time machine to get the cookies and put them back on the browser so that I could review the list and make my choices? Are all the cookies in a single folder? Can I just drag them back to Chrome and then re-run Cookie?

  • Hi dorich,

    I apologise for the long overdue response.

    To get your cookies back with Time Machine, you need to restore the folder:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

    note the ~
    this means the folder is in your User Library, not the computer Library.
    if you are running Lion, or Mountain Lion, this folder is hidden. You can enable visibility using my freeware app DesktopUtility

    But I would actually recommend restarting with 'fresh' cookies. (which by now, you probably already have done..... once again - sorry)

    the loading delay of Cookie, would be due to Cookie reading through all your Cookie data, which if you have a lot - can take some time....
    however, once you have your favourites culled down to just your favourites, you will not even notice Cookie running in the background, silently clearing out all the tracking/unwanted cookies.