• Hey guys,

    Ive just finished working on v4.1, and its ready for release, but i'd like to get some more testing done first. If any one would care to give it a try, and give me any feedback particularly on stability - that would be great.

    heres the link:

    and this is what I have changed/fixed:

    • fixed non favourite cookie count when blacklist/whitelisted cookies are present
    • fixed databases non favourite count when "Treat all Browser Extennsions as Favourites" is checked"
    • better parsing of cookie/databases domain names
    • menu responsiveness improvements
    • memory improvements

    many thanks.

  • Hello, first timer here. Does this new version (v4.1 or v4.0.4.3? are the same?) fix the problem some users have mentioned in which it will crash or not start in Mac OS X 10.10.3? I'd like to try it, but I can't afford to crash my main home office iMac.
    Dr. Johnson

  • Hi Dr Johnson,

    this is my latest beta, which will be released as v4.1 next week:

    (Im waiting to hear back from one of my testers about one specific issue that he has before i release it)

    but this version does fix all the issues from the v4 upgrade that i am aware of.

  • So far, so good with v4.0.4.7 running in Yosemite 10.10.3. Smooth startup, no crash on executing most of the functions I found. If I have any problems, I'll post back, but so far, it looks good. Thank you for the updated link to the latest beta.
    Dr. Johnson

  • the latest beta with more bug fixes and improvements:


  • Thanks for 4.2!
    Dick Johnson