Crashing on update to 4.0 plus non-function

  • Just updated to Cookie 4.0. MacBookPro crashed on attempting to remove all non-favorite Chrome databases. On reboot the computer did not crash again but I am still unable to remove all non-favorite Chrome databases. Advise?

  • can you look in the folder:

    and send me any Cookie crash reports.

  • 4.0.3 should be available in the Mac App Store now.


  • Did my last post helped to narrow the issue down? I still cannot run TCC and I would like to use it.
    I have just updated my Take Command but it still crashing, and the log is still empty.

    I am really the only one experiencing this?

  • try updating to v4.4,

    If you still get the crashing, you can try a clean install:
    -update Cookie, via the Mac App Store, or my servers

    • close Cookie
    • delete the following folders:
      ~/Library/Application Support/Cookie