• Just installed Cookie.
    Running through the setup process for the first time is taking for ages, as in more than 20 minutes and consuming most of the resources of the machine.
    I'm left with spinning beach balls if I tried to do anything else.

    Is this normal?
    Apparently I have around 2000 cookies.
    OS X is 10.7.4
    Machine is iMac late 2007


  • Hi dorich,

    I apologize in the late response, I never received a notification about your post.
    did you manage to get through the wizard?

    the beach ball was most likely due to the number of your cookies. I have added a cookie removal (and Smart favourite selection) into the wizard now, which will cull your cookies down to a manageable number before Cookie starts properly.

    *note you will only need to do this if you never managed to get through the wizard, and open the main window.
    If you never managed to get cookie started, what you can do is update Cookie to v3.0.6 by either downloading from my site: www.sweetpproductions.com, or updating through the App Store (depending on which version you use).

    Quit Cookie, and delete the preference file:

    restart Cookie, this will force cookie to reload the Wizard again, without reloading the Cookie window.

    then on tab 3 of the Wizard, Hit the Smart Import button. Cookie will make an educated guess as to which cookies should be favorited.

    on tab 4, check that the favorites are ok. Hit the Remove all Non-Favorites button.

    finish the Wizard, then in Cookie's main window, go through and check all your Silverlight/Flash/Databases and select favorites.

    once all your favorites have been selected you can safely remove all non-favorites.

    You will now most likely never need to look at Cookie again, unless you want to modify your favorites. (if you have selected automated removal, and start at login. I recommend removing all data on browser quit)