Safari Cookies installer should recognize EasySIMBL & offer to install in ~

  • A long time ago I switched to EasySIMBL which has some advantages over the original SIMBL package: It only loads bundles from ~/Library (good for troubleshooting and multi-user machines in general) and has an interface for managing plugins individually. It's also more current than the original, as far as I can tell.

    Safari Cookies works great under EasySIMBL, except with respect to updates. The installer always wants to reinstall the SIMBL package at its default path and while it deletes its bundle from ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/, it puts the new one in /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/.

    I know I can customize the install when an update runs to skip the SIMBL install, but it means staying on top of that. More importantly, it doesn't change the bundle placement which can be problematic, as it won't load unless moved back.

    Thanks in advance for considering this, and in general for this great tool.

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