Minim: How does it work? Compare to alternatives?

  • Hi there. I had never heard of Minim before happening across your website today (by following a link to SessionRestore from this question page at AskDifferent). Minim sounds intriguing. Given the major changes to Safari's extensions API since v11, I'm wondering if you could provide a technical overview of how Minim does what it does, and also talk about how its end-user features and technical methodology compare and contrast to somewhat similar browser add-ons, such as Wipr, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, and the non-Safari version of uBlock Origin. (Based on the descriptions in the product page, Minim's features sound a lot like those of uBO, which was a favorite of mine on Chrome before I switched to Safari.) Thanks!

  • Hellooooooo........?? Anybody home?

  • @jdmc my apologies

    It uses Safari’s native content blocking APIs. So it doesn’t really works like any of those other extensions you mentioned.(as far as I’m aware anyhow)

    It’s very much intended for users who know what they’re doing, as it can be quite unforgiving.