Palette will not save specific color code

  • I pick a color like #7dcccc and save it to my palette. It gives it a name, Surf Wash, which is no problem. The problem is I want the code to be #7dcccc and the palette will only store it as #87ceca, I'm guessing this is the code it likes for Surf Wash? This happens with almost all colors, Surf Wash is just an example. I want it to leave my codes alone and store them in the palette. This has been a huge problem. Codes that I've saved in palettes are completely useless and I have to re-pick them from images in the project every time. Why won't ColorWell save my specific codes in my palettes???

  • open up Preferences,
    and on the General tab
    select sRGB for the color profile

  • @SweetP i went to another picker for a while and resorted to text docs for storing my color codes. just had a minute between projects and revisited this, because i really want to be able to save my color palettes for my projects in my color picker. thank you for your fast response. this seems to have done it. the correct color codes are even showing up in all of my old projects now. so much frustration, so quick and easy to fix. heading to app store now to give app a 5 star rating and add a quick review praising your great support.

  • @4yi thats great!