Cookie not deleting anything (Firefox 76.01)

  • I've tried reinstalling, and it DOES delete everything I ask it to, but then after a couple days, it just doesn't delete anything. Additionally, when it does work, it changes my default search engine every time I restart the browser. I'm a long time cookie user.


  • Same here, Cookie at this point is totally useless to me: firefox is my main browser (only one that respect privacy and have sync features) and i keep reporting problems her that are not solved (i.e corrupted sqllite). As a side note after trying to remove manually firefox tracking data here is my cookie menu...

    SweetP production please do something or state clearly your product is no longer firefox compatible so we can stop loosing time and switch to firefox cookie removal built in features insteadScreenshot 2020-05-29 at 18.59.55.png

  • @malak v6.0.15 should resolve some Firefox issues

  • I'm on v6.0.15 and still having the same issue. Additionally, it's resetting my default search to Google. I'm a huge fan this app, but it's useless now.

  • @happygolucky v6.0.16 will be released soon, and has some more Firefox fixes

  • @SweetP That fixed it. Thank you!

  • @happygolucky no, it's worse on firefox, on top of randomly not deleting cookies, it corrupts firefox database with consequances ranging from history breaking, cooking not deleting, websites broken until you fixes your databases (yes! )and then you re on to fix your browser making cookies completely useless. I stopped reporting since chasing cookies corruption is time consuming and it makes me feel i m working q&a for sweetp when releases after releases problems remains.
    To restore trust, devs needs to give a lot more informations on what's going on and what are the detailed actions they take to adress these issues rather than providing incremental non or partially working fixes with little to no informations

    and most importantly do a lot more tests before releases because those problems appears after a while and can be difficult to trace and reproduce AND when problem happens, it's too late, your browser is already broken.

    In the meantime i found a fix: disable cookie for firefox so it stops messing up your places database and destroy your browser, and let firefox handle cookie deletion and whitelisting.

  • I’m looking into using an extension to better integrate with Firefox. But it will take time.