Safari crashing, still running v8.0.3 of Session Restore

  • Is this the area for questions about the old Safari Extension?

    Safari crashed the other day and when I try to reload all the pages from the last session in History it starts and then crashes the finder. I still have the old extension version of SR running, but that isn't having any more luck. I didn't have autosave on but SR shows all the URLs from my last session, but I can't find a way to capture those URLs. If I chose to save session it says no pages to save. Is there a way to capture the last session information? I'm on Safarl 12.1.2, MacOS 10.14.6

  • I replied to your other thread.
    The old javascript version of SessionRestore (the version you have) isn't being supported anymore. It has been deprecated in macOS Catalina