• The autosave feature is now saving every time there is a new tab created/deleted. Since autosaving only saves the last 20 sessions, that means I can only restore back what happened 10-20 minutes ago (because I normally would make 20 changes in that period of time). What's the point of having autosave if it's aggressive at saving everything in the short term, at the expense of being able to go back further back in time?

    Plus, this is terribly resource intensive! It just keeps saving at every action I make. Please fix it soon, or show me how to downgrade to previous version. This is not usable.

  • Safari 13 has disabled the ability for reliable autosave, as it kills the extension after around 10s of idle time.

    this is the best I could come up with to get it reliably working... Ill have another look at my code, and see if I can find a better solution for an update.