Latest Mojave update killed the plug in and Safari crash killed my tabs!

  • I installed the latest update to Mojave and to my dismay when I rebooted my SessionRestore extension had been removed. This reboot (of course) also killed all of my open tabs, so I'm totally screwed, my tabs are gone.

    I purchased and installed the SessionRestore app from the Mac App store, and I see that it has an import function. There is also a utility I downloaded named SRRecover.

    Trouble is I don't know where the previous (java?) based plugin stored anything, in order to import the old sessions into the new plugin. Can someone point me to where I can find them so I can get my old tabs back? Help!

  • ill be honest,
    I havn't worked on the javascript version of SessionRestore in quite some time, as I knew that it was being deprecated. So I don't know where the settings were saved for it on Mojave. As I also have Safari 13 installed, I currently have no way of checking.

    At some point in the future, i'll look at installing an older version of Mojave on an external partition, and run some tests with SessionRestoreJS to see exactly where the settings are located.

  • OK, let me know if something turns up. I'll just have to try to recreate them as best I can then. Thanks for the reply!

  • so I installed an old version of Mojave yesterday, and session data is saved to the Safari Container:

    Im not sure if it stays after the Safari 13 update, but you can most likely restore it from a time machine backup.

    I've also just finished updating SRExport to be better compatible with SessionRestore, and will post an updated link here when its on my server.

  • Great Job! Thx! 👍