• Hi
    I am responding to the 'New in Cookie 6' Announcement.
    Are you saying the it is only for Mojave ?

    I am stuck on High Sierra for some time yet?
    Also not clear if the coupon means paying $19.99 or $9.99 or so?

    Thanks for your time, best wishes,

  • Cookie 6 is macOS Mojave only.
    and the upgrade coupon is a half price coupon - so 9.99.

  • if the 999 coupon is still available - I would be grateful to get one thanks M

  • @SweetP I didn't realize I had to register for this support forum to get Cookie upgrade offers. I have sent several emails to SweetP asking if there is a "coupon" for an upgrade price since I first saw an announcement without any response. In my emails I sent my earliest license key (2013) and my license key for version 5. Now that I've found this forum, could you send me the special upgrade price coupon?