Delete after X minutes not working

  • I think "Delete after X minutes" is not working because deletion with [u]running Safari[/u] is not working.

    My Test:

    So the site remembers my last search, I guess by setting a cookie.

    • Close the tab, but keep safari open (have a another tab open)

    • Now go into Cookie App or via cookie menu item drop down and delete all unwanted cookies (checked settings option: unwanted are all non favorites).

    • open url:
      Verify: "Your last search"
      From: foo
      To: bar
      expected: No display of last search

    Now go into Safari settings-->privacy delete specific cookie ""

    So the site cannot remember my last search, cause I deleted the cookie via Safaris builtin cookie management.

    In contrast: is not able to delete that cookie, even if I wait some hours. Safari seems to cache the cookie and is not able to edit that cache. Don't take me wrong, but that would be exactly that what I would expect from it should do. Might not be the fault of cause it uses the NSHTTPCookieStorage. But in the end I would expect when deleting a cookie in NSHTTPCookieStorage, that Safari invalidates it in its cache. Maybe the SweetP developers can push Apple to look at this issue, or find another hack that does manage the Safari cookie cache issue.

    My System:
    OSX 10.9.1
    Cookie 3.0.26
    Safari 7.0.1
    A bigger safari plugin to mention: Glims 1.0.42

    Can anyone reproduce this?
    @SweetP can you?

    Cheers Pete

  • Interesting:

    I have found another site, where the test above reproducible deletes the cookies successfully.

    Instead submitting a search, I simply logged in and observed, if the deletion of cookies with invalidates my login. And indeed it does.

    In contrast to a login test with Facebook, keeps me logged in after deletion with

    So what is the difference between the cookie and the cookie?
    Any thoughts?


  • I just had a quick look. it looks as though you also need to remove the Cache, as the bvg site sets a cache cookie.

  • Sorry Russell,
    your answer was a bit to short for me. But you wrote it was just a quick look, so I guess you will come back. However, your short answer left me with the following questions:

    Do you mean to remove the browser cache with That option is already checked here. And also I already tried deleting the cache separately via the menu drop down. The site still knows what I have searched before.

    And what about Facebook? I am not able to invalidate a login session with Can you test this?

    Another Question: Is it possible to delete Safaris cookies from within a Safari Extension? The idea would be to delete Safaris cookies from within Safari, not just via NSHTTPCookieStorage, which does not delete cookies if Safari keeps running, at least in some cases (
    If that is possible, one could create a Safari extension, that could communicate with and then do the delete job correctly. But I think I am two steps ahead. There are still some questions left open from my post before. Can you please reproduce all 3 of my tests, and

    What is a "cache cookie"? (I have not googled this so far.)

    Regards Pete

    I repeated the test on Right now I am logged in, but the cookie is not visible in And also "delete unwanted" does not invalidate the login. I think to get this situation, one has to keep Safari running longer. Personally I keep Safari and my osx-session open for days or even weeks. I just close the lid of my mac-laptop when I stop working each day.
    Restarting helped in that situation. After restart of the before empty cookie listing was full of cookies again, which then could be deleted. That invalidated the login on I did not hinder to remember my last search. Actually is not listed in but in Safari->Settings->Privacy->cookielist I can see it.

  • Ok perhaps the cookies that the data is stored in are Session cookies. Cookie doesn't have access to these, and the only way to clear them is by restarting your browser.

  • Hmm ok,

    it is really sad to see, that session cookies can be used to track users like me, that do not often close the browser. I tested this with google chrome, same there.
    I (quickly) searched the web for options to use APIs or privat functions to edit those RAM-only session cookies. I had no luck.

    Do you think SIMBL could help in the Safari case?

    Besides that, I could imagine a browser extension which greasemonkey-like adds user-code (javascript) to all open sites and deletes the cookie within the site context by using standard web methods.

    I understand, why you and cannot address this issue atm. But it would be really cool if such happens somewhen in future. However, I guess the browser companies have to be convinced first, that this is an issue.

    Best wishes,

  • My PRIMARY use of Cookie is with Safari on my MacBook Pro (I also sometimes use Chrome and Firefox).

    Cookie Version 3.2.2
    OS X Version 10.9.4
    Safari Version 7.0.6

    I am very frustrated that the "Delete after X minutes" does not work for me. In the past, it has worked. I loved it and got my sister and another friend to buy the product, and now I am suffering through this malfunction.

    What can I do to ensure that this feature works? It is very important for me to be able to use it.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

  • have you tried unchecking/checking the Timer option, and restarting Cookie.

  • Thank you so much for your reply, Russell. Yes, I have done that. I have even done it and restarted my computer.

    I like to be totally honest about all of this because it is important for you to know all the facts. Sometimes Cookie works, and sometimes it doesn't.

    I had cookies from being on the Internet all morning this morning. I didn't change the setting. I restarted Safari, quit Cookie, and restarted both... and then Cookie started working properly. It is working properly right this minute.

    It seems to be a problem that just occurs whenever it wants to occur. I do not understand how I can be causing it to happen. I am not technical, and I do not do a lot of odd stuff. But I do like to know the Cookies go away as they are supposed to when I am running Cookie for that purpose.

    I will get back to you if and when this happens again. I don't think it is right to have to restart everything every time I turn around, and that is why I added to this thread. I did NOT give a bad review... or any review. I have loved Cookie for the time that I have had it, and I am sure I will continue loving it.

    Thanks again. VERY MUCH

  • Hello again, Russell...

    I said in my message from August 30 that I would let you know if the problem happened again. YES, it has.

    I opened the Cookie window just now, and there are 42 Non-Favorite Cookies, some with as many as 9 and 6 cookies (yielding 371 total unique cookies) that are not tracking cookies... and there are 85 Tracking cookies. They are NOT automatically deleting every 1 minute as the setting in Preferences displayed.

    This is why I wrote this message to you in the first place. A person should not have to close down and restart his computer all the time in order to get your software application to work properly.

    Thank you.

  • thanks kawika,

    do let me know if you find any pattern to the issue

  • thanks kawika,

    do let me know if you find any pattern to the issue

    I can't figure out what the problem is. It kills me that Cookie works so beautifully... and then all of a sudden it doesn't work at all. I have to manually delete the cookies that are displayed by Cookie.

    I sometimes use a VPN software to change my IP address location so that I can watch United States television from Brazil... or Australian television from Australia. But I have not noticed that has anything to do with my Cookie software.

    I am so frustrated. The only time I can make it work again seems to be restarting my computer. That is very annoying.

  • I have found a bug where Cookie doesn't start the timer if the Browser is open already when Cookie is started. Cookie only "notices" the browser if it is opened while Cookie is already open..... if that makes any sense

    I have fixed this for the next update....

  • I have found a bug where Cookie doesn't start the timer if the Browser is open already when Cookie is started. Cookie only "notices" the browser if it is opened while Cookie is already open..... if that makes any sense

    I have fixed this for the next update....

    I am so glad to hear this. Thank you SO MUCH. I hope that was the problem. Honestly, my Cookie starts when the computer starts, and I never turn it off... until I have had the problem. (It seems like that anyway.) So, it would seem like Cookie is always on first before my Safari is turned on... but at least that is a place to start, and I will hope this is the solution. Thank you again.

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