Delete after X minutes not working

  • This is the same problem on Safari running on Mountain Lion. It used to work.

  • Ill look into this now

  • With more testing, it was version 3.0.17 that was broken. 3.0.16 and the latest 3.0.18 work. Sorry for not updating before commenting on a bug.

  • ok, perfect.
    thanks for letting me know

  • Hi.

    I just purchased Cookie and I am seeing the same thing - the timed cookie deletion does not work in Safari (have not tested other browsers).
    However, I am using .18 and it still does not work.


  • Are you checking the Privacy tab in Safari?

    If so, Safari doesn't reflect the true current state of cookies when deleted by an outside program. (i.e…. Cookie)

    It will still list all cache cookies and databases. History display's the same behaviour.
    You can test this by restarting Safari, which will force it to update its cookie references.

    If it's not this that you're seeing. Try toggling the Timer OFF/ON to see if that helps.

  • Looks like there may still be a problem. It works intermittently. 3.0.18 version, Macbook Pro, Mountain Lion, Safari (everything up-to-date). See these screenshots taken while I was on a single web page for 30 minutes.
    They show a 5 min delete period and 247 cookies. 12 are Favorites.

  • I also find that this seems to work sometimes but not others.

    I understand I cannot verify it by looking in Safari, so I try to validate by seeing if my cookie set by a site to save a login sessions stays or goes.

    Is there a better way we can do this so the developer can get the best possible information to work from?


  • Are you guys on Snow Leopard by any chance?

    Also , try forcing a refresh of the Cookie tab by clicking on the menu bar icon.

  • I am on 10.8.4.

    What I have found is that if I have the Cookie window open (as opposed to just having the Cookie icon in the menu bar), it works fine. Cookies disappear after a minute as planned.

    However, if that window is closed, it seems to forget about deleting them..

    Different question (maybe): I have 8 databases listed that I cannot delete. They belong to extensions from Chrome and Safari. Is that normal? They are not favorites, but "Remove" does nothing.


  • Mountain Lion 10.8.4
    Will Cookie continue to work on Mavericks?

  • Cookie is working fine on Mavericks DP5, I haven't yet tested DP6, but I assume it will still work just fine.

    The Extensions are "locked" by checking the preference (on the Preferences tab, - these are all Extension settings, and removing them may cause issues with the relevant extension):
    "Treat all Browser Extensions as Favourites"

  • This is still happening. It runs for a while, then quits deleting after X minutes. Mine is set to 5 mins.
    I can get it to work again by deleting the cookie .plist file.

    Please look into this because it is basically making Cookie no longer useful. It is a wonderful app, when it is working right. I need it to work because I never close Safari. I am running on Mavericks.

  • I have some spare time coming up this week, and wanted to work on Cookie, so i'll look into the timer functionality and see if I can see any bugs in the code.

  • I too am having the same issue with Safari on Mavericks. Actually I have noticed this as a problem for quite some time in previous OS and cookie versions. I am running the current 3.0.20 cookie.

    Also to let you know. When bringing cookie to foremost app sometimes the cookie list will not refresh. I actually have to highlight a browser choice and then all the sudden the list of cookies will refresh.

  • I'll look into both these issues for 3.0.22, 3.0.21 is in review right now

  • same problem with Safari 6.1 on Mountain Lion

  • 3.0.22 is available now on the App Store, and on my servers. and should fix the timer problems. It also now updates the cookie list when you make the window active.
    Also fixed is the crashing related to Opera database removal.

  • This feature has never worked for me - either on my iMac or on MacBook Pro (latter currently running 10.9.1/Cookie 3.0.26 - any suggestions?

  • I think "Delete after X minutes" is not working because deletion with [u]running Safari[/u] is not working.

    My Test:

    So the site remembers my last search, I guess by setting a cookie.

    • Close the tab, but keep safari open (have a another tab open)

    • Now go into Cookie App or via cookie menu item drop down and delete all unwanted cookies (checked settings option: unwanted are all non favorites).

    • open url:
      Verify: "Your last search"
      From: foo
      To: bar
      expected: No display of last search

    Now go into Safari settings-->privacy delete specific cookie ""

    So the site cannot remember my last search, cause I deleted the cookie via Safaris builtin cookie management.

    In contrast: is not able to delete that cookie, even if I wait some hours. Safari seems to cache the cookie and is not able to edit that cache. Don't take me wrong, but that would be exactly that what I would expect from it should do. Might not be the fault of cause it uses the NSHTTPCookieStorage. But in the end I would expect when deleting a cookie in NSHTTPCookieStorage, that Safari invalidates it in its cache. Maybe the SweetP developers can push Apple to look at this issue, or find another hack that does manage the Safari cookie cache issue.

    My System:
    OSX 10.9.1
    Cookie 3.0.26
    Safari 7.0.1
    A bigger safari plugin to mention: Glims 1.0.42

    Can anyone reproduce this?
    @SweetP can you?

    Cheers Pete

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