Cookie window always opens at login

  • After a lot of restarts version 316G is always hidden at launch and does what is expected to do while running. Congrats on the very swift response.

  • OK here as well


    note: was however telling me that 3.0.16 was available as an update
    AM I wrong in thinking 3.0.16G is newer ?

  • great, thanks for letting me know, and yes 16G is newer (I will relabel it 3.0.17)

  • I am running 3.0.19 on Mavericks, and this is happening to me. It ran for a day or two without the problem (I think), but now it always happens.

    I didn't see another thread for this any newer, should I have?


  • open up System Preferences,
    then open the "Users & Groups" tab
    then the "Login Items" tab
    make sure Cookie is NOT listed

    let me know if this helps.

  • It was (with hidden checked). I removed it, and it works correctly now. Thanks.

    I had played with it for some time, and thought that I only got it to start by putting it in my Login Items. Apparently I was wrong. :@

    Do I want to leave the cookies from you as a favorite?

  • perfect!

    Its not very intuitive.... but Cookie now works the way Apple wants....

    no you don't need to keep SweetP Productions favourited, only if you don't want to have to login every time you revisit the forum.

  • Hi,
    I am using Snow Leopard and Cookie window appears on startup. When Cookie isn't in the Login items, it doesn't start up at all (even though I checked start at login and hide). When I manually add it to the login items, the cookie window appears? Any thoughts?

  • Hi,

    Great app :shy:

    On Yosemite with Cookie Version 3.3, the window always open at login ...
    (Nothing in the "Login Items" tab off the "Users & Groups" tab)

    Thanks for help

  • I have fixed this in v3.3.1

    if you are using the trial version, you can grab it now if you like:

  • I have fixed this in v3.3.1

    if you are using the trial version, you can grab it now if you like:

    Bravo !

    All perfect now 😉

    (registered user)

  • Ill officially release this after Apple reviews the MAS version.

  • This is great 🙂

  • apparently this issue was still present for users running 10.7,10.8 and possibly 10.9.
    I rewrote a lot of the window starting code, and I think i finally have this annoying bug beaten.

    So I've uploaded v3.3.3 to Apple for review, and it should be available early next week

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