WifiSpoof won't open after upgrading to v3.3

  • This may happen when you skip updating to v3.2 before updating to v3.3 IF you have some rules configured.

    the solution to get WiFiSpoof working again is this:
    -locate and delete the rules file:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.WiFiSpoofApp/Data/Library/Application Support/com.sweetpproductions.WiFiSpoofApp/WiFiSpoof.storedata

    restart WifiSpoof
    (you will have to reconfigure your rules)

    *Note - the file is located in your user Library which is normally hidden.
    to enable it on macOS High Sierra

    • open the Finder
    • open Finder Preferences
    • choose the Sidebar tab
    • check the House icon with your username

    older operating systems work differently and need a different solution:

    • open the Finder
    • click on the Go menu
    • hold down the Option key - the user Library folder should temporarily show for you to choose