Two Factor authentication Evernote

  • I have two factor authentication for Evernote and I've noticed that even though I have Cookie set to 'Never remove Browser Extensions' I need to login into Evernote each time I run Cookie. Is there any way to stop this?


  • Does it also set a cookie?
    You may need to white list any Evernote tracking cookies.

    You can do this by expanding any Evernote domains, and looking for any RED cookies.
    Highlight the RED cookie and right-click (control-click) to bring up the contextual menu.
    Select "Add to Whitelist"

  • Hi Russell,

    There were two red cookies so I whitelisted them both but that doesn't work either. Any other suggestions?


  • which Browser is this happening in?

  • Russel I have tested it on the following:

    Chrome vers 58.0.3029.110 (64 bit). BTW Cookie leaves a lot of stuff behind for Chrome.
    Safari Technology Preview Release 30 (Safari 10.2, WebKit 12604.1.22)
    Safari 10.1.2 (12603.3.1)
    Firefox 53.0.3 (64-bit)

    I am using macOS Sierra Vers 10.12.6 Beta (16G8c) although this problem was also happening on release vers of Sierra. I have Cookie v installed.

  • I just tried this with Safari, and Chromium and my login was retained.
    have you clicked the "Remember me for 30 days" option when you login?

  • Yes I do have that checked. Must be something different in my setup. Works fine until two-factor authentication implemented. Thanks for trying to help, I'll keep looking.