• Here's mine:

    [email protected]   1 grettir  admin    47 May 27 15:28
    [email protected]   1 grettir  staff   119 Nov 18 06:04
    [email protected]   1 grettir  admin   159 May 27 15:28
    [email protected]   1 grettir  staff    89 Nov 18 06:04
    [email protected]   1 grettir  admin   193 Jul 20 02:17

    The only obvious difference was that three of the scripts (although not the problematic one) were owned by the admin group. (Not sure why.) So I chowned the files to "grettir:staff" and, oddly enough, that appears to have resolved the problem. (Again, not sure why.)

    I'll let you know if the problem reappears, but, otherwise, consider the issue resolved.

    Thanks for your help.

  • ok great!
    thanks for letting me know

  • Cookie 5.2.1 sticks at same point indefinitely. The output of scripts for me is:

    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  admin   47 Feb  7  2016
    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  admin  119 Nov 18 08:04
    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  admin  159 Feb  7  2016

    I seem to be lacking two of the scripts listed in your output and they are all assigned to admin. What next?

    iMac (late 2013) MacOS 10.12.1

  • Problem seems to be solved. I deleted Cookie Application and associated folders and files, rebooted computer, and reinstalled Cookie. I still have only three of the 5 scripts listed a being in the com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5 Folder, but clear safari cache no longer hangs.

  • I spoke too soon. Less than 24 hours after reinstalling Cookie 5, Cookie once again gets stuck on Any more suggestions?

  • ok try this:
    navigate to the Applications Script folder
    ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5

    then open
    type cd then drag the scripts folder onto the terminal, and press RETURN
    then type these 3 commands, each followed by pressing RETURN:

    chown :staff
    chown :staff
    chown :staff

    also the extra scripts are only needed if you have Safari Technology Preview Installed.
    can you let me know if that works

  • That seems to have done the trick. I can quit safari and Cookie empties the cache without any problem.
    The chown command changed

    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  admin   47 Feb  7  2016
    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  admin  119 Nov 18 08:04
    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  admin  159 Feb  7  2016


    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  staff   47 Nov 18 08:04
    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  staff  119 Nov 18 08:04
    [email protected] 1 ronaldgold  staff  159 Nov 18 08:04

  • perfect!
    im not sure why they are installing with the wrong permissions to begin with,
    but thats great its a simple fix.

  • I deleted Cookie and all associated files and scripts, reinstalled and still experienced the endless process. I then searched the forum and found your "chown " workaround which did the trick. Hopefully this is a temporary fix to be corrected in some future release, yes?

  • perfect,

    Im not sure why the files are installed with the wrong permissions. but ill look into it.

  • The endless process has returned despite changing permissions as you described previously. Permissions are:

    [email protected] 1 cj  staff   47 Nov 18 08:04
    [email protected] 1 cj  staff  119 Nov 18 08:04
    [email protected] 1 cj  staff  159 Nov 18 08:04

    Even with Safari quit if I run Cookie and then quit Cookie the endless process returns. I have removed Cookie from StartUp Items for the time being in the hope you can find a permanent solution to this problem.

  • are you using the Mac App Store, or the version from my store @pumpkin?

  • Purchase directly from you april 30, 2016. Order #27069. Current rev 5.2.1.

  • have you tried a computer restart?
    that can sometimes fix strange issues like this

  • Not wanting to jinx anything but I did a reboot and so far all is well!

  • I have got the same problem and found a solution: Change the script from

    find /private/var/folders \! -name "*SafariTechnologyPreview*" -name "**" -exec rm -r {} \;


    find /private/var/folders \! -name "*SafariTechnologyPreview*" -name "**" -exec rm -r {} \; 2>/dev/null

    Because the original script throws "Permission denied" errors and therefore opens the file descriptor stderr, it seems that the parent process ( can't close it as long as a file is open.

  • Thanks ralf!

    I'll update the script to your solution.

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