ColorWell in active desktop

  • Hi,

    I noticed the following behaviour of ColorWell. If you have multiple spaces/desktops and you're opening ColorWell from the menu bar while you're working in a desktop other than #1, ColorWell always opens in Desktop 1 (rather than the active desktop). Is there a way to change this behaviour? I couldn't find anything in the preferences and ColorWell doesn't have a Dock icon (where you can normally set the behaviour).

  • hmm,

    i dont see this behaviour...
    Is this on macOS Sierra?

  • Well, with the new version i just downloaded from the App Store it can solved easily. Simply right click on the Dock icon and select All Desktops from the menu. Problem solved.

    By the way, i preferred the old icon.

  • ah thats great!
    v4.0.1 is available by the way, it fixes some small window issues and the menu icon on a dark menubar.

    i thought the old icon was too Snow Leopard looking...