• Despite setting Cookie to remove cookies on a timed basis (and on quit), I continually found cookies listed in Firefox (using FF prefs) that should have been removed.

    I couldn't figure out why so I deleted Cookie and then reinstalled from the App Store.  Now no cookies are appearing in Cookies list - favourite or otherwise - and the app doesn't appear to be doing anything.  There are still a shed load of cookies listed under Ffox prefs.

    What's going on?  I suspect it may be something to do with sandboxing as I run in a user account.

    One other point.  Where is the file to import previous favourites?  The reinstall 'knows' there is one but I can't find it.

  • On starting my mac I always see Flash Global preferences file (1) in my cookies window. It wont delete them unless I click remove. Why do these not get removed?