Remove Safari Non-Favorites does nothing

  • Just purchased Cookie 5.  I find that if I select "Remove Safari Non-Favorites", nothing happens.  That is, the menu doesn't become greyed-out, as I would expect if it had successfully removed such items, but is always available for selection, making me think that it has not removed them.

    Also, selecting other items often causes the system beachball to appear, which never happened with Cookie 4.  Why is this?

  • hmm,

    this is a bug, I see if you open the Cookie window and then click the "Remove Safari Non-Favorites" button it works correctly.

    ill look into getting it fixed.

  • I'm not sure what's going on. But clicking the button "Remove Non-Favorites" does nothing. In fact, clicking any of the buttons doesn't do anything.

    I've clicked on "All" on "Safari" and on "Chrome" while trying to "Remove Non-Favorites"

    How do you get the program (V5.08) to actually do something?