Browser history mysteriously reappears

  • My Cookie preferences are set to delete my browser history when I quit Safari. Normally this works as expected; but once in awhile, I will discover that my browsing history for the past several days has mysteriously reappeared. This should be impossible since I always quit Safari before putting my computer to sleep each night. It is conceivable that I might forget to quit Safari once in a great while, but not for several days in a row. The reappearance of my browser history must be the result of a bug in the Cookie app. Is there any place (besides this forum) where I can submit bug reports pertaining to my use of Cookie? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • This is most likely due to iCloud regenerating the history perhaps from an iPhone or iPad connected to your iCloud account. I don't remember off hand exactly how to disable it. im pretty sure it needs to be disabled on the device.

  • Extremely unlikely because I rarely browse the web on my iPhone and iPad. When my history reappears, it is always several consecutive days worth of history with many websites visited each day. Just to be sure, I have just cleared the Safari history on both iPhone and iPad and will see if the problem recurs on my Mac. Stay tuned. Thanks for your reply.

  • Followup: The problem I described is definitely not related to syncing of browser history with iPhone or iPad. I quit and launched Safari less than an hour ago and the browser history was clear. After visiting a few sites, I quit Safari again and went out. When I opened Safari just now, hundreds of entries from yesterday's history (and earlier today) have magically reappeared. I have not opened Safari on my other devices since I cleared their browser history yesterday. The behavior I described in my original post is definitely a bug.

  • Same problem for me here. And on both my iPad and iPhone, I only use Safari with Private Browsing Mode.

    I think the issue is related to Safari iCloud syncing. However, if I completely disable Safari iCloud Syncing, my bookmarks are no longer synced between my Mac and my iDevices. There is not an option in iCloud settings that allows us only to sync bookmarks. So the only solution would be for Cookie to make sure the History gets removed from iCloud History as well.

    I hope this will be possible soon.

  • Yes, it may be that iCloud is re-syncing Safari's browsing history with mobile devices even after the user has cleared history and website data on those devices. Clearly, this should not be happening. Whatever the cause, the fact that this behavior happens intermittently makes it even harder to investigate. Sending a bug report to Apple probably won't help, but it can't hurt.

  • I think Handoff is the culprit, do you guys have Handoff enabled on any iDevices?

  • I agree that Handoff is a likely suspect, but Handoff is not enabled on my Mac or on any of my mobile devices.

  • Well, for me the problem is not happening "intermittently" but always.

    The only solution I have to really purge history is to purge it via Safari on the Mac, Cookie only purges it until it comes back from iCloud I guess... I suppose when apple purges safari history, they issue some kind of command to iCloud as well in order to purge it there too, and I guess your software does not do the same for the moment... Maybe you could use wireshark/tcpdump or something like that to investigate what Safari does with iCloud when the history is purged?

  • I am not familiar with wireshark/tcpdump, but I will look into it. For me this issue is both intermittent and illogical in the way it shows up. Sometimes Cookie will work exactly as expected for several days, then suddenly start acting up again. Very frustrating. Since the makers of Cookie know that their product has to work with Safari, which works with iCloud, you'd think they would have anticipated this issue. What's the point of a product that deletes browser history if you have delete it manually anyway? What's the point of a product that saves your favorite cookies, but only sometimes? This is the first time I have mentioned this last issue, and I will start a separate thread on this subject at some point.

  • ok. I'll look into this some more, Im not sure if i can do anything about it if this really is an iCloud issue (which i believe it is, as it only started happening in Yosemite (i think)).
    but ill keep you posted.

  • I am having the same issue. In fact, it also happened for me with Cookie 4 and it's why I upgraded to Cookie 5 (hoping the issues had been resolved). It's definitely has something to do with how iCloud syncs the browsing history. Honestly, it makes me regret upgrading to Cooke 5.0... Why spend the money on the upgrade to get the same functionality?