• I've installed from the App store. I've chosen 3 browsers to support.
    I have a long list of websites to select the ones to keep from.

    I can choose 2 or 3, with whirring OSX wheel between each. Then I have to crash the app, restart it, click through the list to the place I left off and select 2, 3 4, maybe 5 more before it becomes unresponsive yet again, and I have to crash the programme and start again.

    Even getting the list to scroll has OSX whirring wheels before action.

    Extremely painful. Don't know how it got such good reviews. Nothing in support to tell me what I should look at on my machine that might be interfering. Shut every other app down, virtually, but it makes no difference.


    Anyone else had this problem? Got any suggestions. It will take me a week to get through the list of websites I want to keep at this rate.


  • I restarted my computer and everything worked properly, as you would expect.

  • ah thats great Miriam,
    apologies for the late reply.