Cookie deleted data from a browser not chosen in Setup Wizard

  • hi.

    In the Setup Wizard, I ticked the box for Safari on the Choose which Browser you would like Cookie to manage screen.

    Initially, on the Select UnWanted Data to Remove screen, I had not ticked the box for Favicons.

    After a few days of using Cookie, I decided I wanted Cookie to remove Favicons after all, so in the Cookie Window, on the Preferences panel, I ticked the box for Favicons, presuming that my choice would only apply to Safari, the only browser I had chosen in the Setup Wizard for Cookie to manage.

    So, the Favicons in Safari were removed, as expected. Super. No problem there.

    However, all Favicons in all eight of my Firefox profiles have been removed as well, even though Safari still shows in the Setup wizard as being the only browser Cookie should manage data for.

    Is this expected behavior? I am a little bummed because it's not what I expected to happen. I had thousands of bookmarks in one Fx profile and now all the Favicons are gone. (I have a backup so it will be trivial to restore them, but still, I wanted to touch base about this.)


  • Hmmm,

    thats not expected behaviour,
    Ill look into that.