Cookie, Safari and El Capitan

  • Ive just uploaded v4.5.2 to my site, and requested an expedited review for the Mac App Store.

    Yeah... I'm seeing the same crash on app store 4.5.2. On the plus side though, it no longer corrupts the cookies database. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 1 step forward. 2 steps back....
    i managed to figure out the cookie format, but introduced a memory management bug at the same time.... go figure... hence the crashing

  • 1 step forward. 2 steps back....
    i managed to figure out the cookie format, but introduced a memory management bug at the same time.... go figure... hence the crashing

    Thanks so much for your quick responsiveness in fixing the issues. Cookie is a great program and has become indispensable.

  • Thanks for the quick fixes Russell. Things appear to be back and running smooth. Whew...

  • Cookie 4.5.2 has just been approved, and the update will show in the Mac App Store sometime today.

  • Long time lurker and liking the product, just dived in and bought in time for the crash on 10.11.1.

    Crash has stopped for me with this update. Thanks.

    Still trying out other functions.

  • Ah bad timing....
    But happy to hear it's working for you!

    It was totally bad timing for me too.
    I'd like to apologise to everyone affected by the El Capitan fiasco.
    My partner gave birth on the 17th Septemver, so I've been wrestling with Reverse engineering the cookie format, a new baby... And in my infinite stupidity... Also working on Cookie 5.

    So I take all the blame, but thanks for hanging in there folks.
    Cookie 5 is gonna be awesome, and I'll get a beta out hopefully this week.

  • No worries, dipping in here I could see you were working on it. That was the decider to part with loot (as well as it did what it said on the tin).

    I had tried the trial version pre crash. And I am on the beta version of OS.

    Congrats on the little one.

  • My take on all this is people are fairly patient as long as you acknowledge the problem and are working on it, like you communicated here over the last weeks. Nicely handled.

    Congrats on the baby!

  • Hi,
    When reading this forum post it looks like 4.5.2 is supposed to solve all problems. Not in my case. Cookie keeps quitting spontaneously, as soon as i use the periodic auto delete of certain cookies (Every: X minutes when Browser is Open).

    What could be special in my settings?

    I'm on El Capitan (10.11.1) with Cookies 4.5.2.

  • V4.5.3 is actually the latest stable version. But it is still waiting to be reviewed for the Apo Store.

  • So a matter of days. I can live with that (assuming it solves the issue, and even then...)

  • Hi there.
    I am using cookie 4.5.2 from the apple store on an el captain system.
    So cookie won't start since the 'update'.
    Who can help ??
    Greetings from Germany.... Cheers

  • v4.5.3 should be available in the App Store now. If it won't start for you Mannheimer33, you can:

    1. Quit Safari
    2. delete the file: ~/Library/Cookie/Cookies.binarycookies
    3. Restart your computer

  • In the meantime, i've installed 4.5.3 which seems to remove the crashing issue for me.

  • OSX 10.11.1 and Cookie 4.5.3 and cookie isn't working. Update? Use timpecapsule for older version?
    Sincerly sigg

  • does this version work for you:

    if not, could you please send me the crash report, it will be located here:

  • All virtues of Cookie app have been restored !!

    Under OS X Yosemite I loved the Cookie app, and put a lot of work and finetuning into my favorites and the whitelist. It worked flawlessly, and I was really impressed !

    **Enter OS X El Capitan **... and suddenly the Cookie app didn't work any more. The next upgrade of the Cookie app didn't help - it simply wouldn't remove any non-favorite cookies from Safari. I am sure that Apple's decision to sandbox Safari was based on good arguments - but certainly not good to the Cookie app. It was depressing. Now I had to manually remove the cookies from Safari, not a good solution, because there are also a lot of useful cookies, who make life easier - and they are removed too, when you remove all cookies from Safari ( I have found it too time-consuming to manually try to separate the good cookies from the bad ones and only remove all the non-wanted cookies from Safari, so I have mostly just pressed the delete-button and removed ALL cookies, both the good and the bad ones ... )

    Now i've installed Cookie 4.5.4 - and to my great joy I have found, that **it works really good ! **

    Well, Cookie 4.5.4 only removes the non-favorite cookies from Safari, when I quit the browser - it will not make any live removal every 30 minutes (if I have chosen this in the preferences) from Safari when it is running, even if I have selected this in the preferences. Strange. But I can live with this - because the really important thing is, that all non-favorite cookies are wiped out of Safari, when I quit the browser - and all the favorite cookies are retained. BRAVO !!

    I would very much appreciate some kind of advice on what to choose in the preferences: Should you choose "Always choose browser extensions as favorites" - or not ? Should you choose to remove Favicons, webpage previews, form values and downloads - or not ? Should you remove unwanted data at browser quit - or at login ?? Is it smart to remove non-favorites every - let's say - 30 minutes, while the browser is running - or not at all ?? Google is not happy with removal of their cookies ...

    The answer to these question will make it possible to a layperson like me to fully take command over the wonderful Cookie app. I therefor propose, that you add this advice into the new Cookie version 5 app.

    Lovely pictures of you, Mr Qwirk, from Bamberg in Germany.

    With the friendliest greetings from Denmark - Jens

  • Thanks Jens,
    I travel to Europe every summer to work at street festivals. I actually came and spent a week busking in the shopping street in Copenhagen a few years back, just to see what it was like. I may stop in again this coming Summer for a week or two. Copenhagen is a great city, and i found some really great bbq Salmon in a small Turkish? restaurant in the cool part of town. (i forget the name of the area). Im just down near Hamburg at the moment spending Xmas here with my partner's family.

    back to code:
    Ill check through my code in v4.5.4, the Timer should be working. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    The settings i use in Cookie are:
    *Always choose browser extensions as favourites - YES (its too east to easily reset any extensions you may have)
    *Favicons, webpage previews, form values and downloads - I keep only Form values (i find them handy to keep around when filling out online forms)
    *I think its fine to remove data on Browser Quit, and also at Login (as a backup)
    *I also think its maybe overkill to remove non-Favs while your Browser is open, as sometimes do require cookies to browse effectively.

  • Thank you, Mr. Qwirk for advice on settings in the Cookie app ! Please, please, please use this advice in Cookie 5. A layperson like me didn't know, what a favicon is (but I could find an explanation in Wikipedia).

    Now I feel, that I am fully in command of the Cookie app !

    Copenhagen is really nice in summer !!

    And Germany is full of nice places - the country does not - besides Berlin (the hottest town of the continent) - have the reputation as France or Italy, but you should follow your german partner to really enjoy this country. The Hamburg-region is cold, foggy and humid during winter - but there is really a lot of atmosphere at the christmas markets ! Hamburg has a lot of interesting places, Hamburg-Ottensen e.g. or Hamburg-Harburg with old parts of the port, who are being restored. At St. Pauli Landungsbrรผcke you have a terrific view of the port, and quite often the huge Queen Mary II will be there. - In springtime the area "Altes Land" (the old country) is full of blossoming apple trees along the river Elbe - just outside the Airbus factory. You should also visit the fishmarket in Hamburg. Lots of atmosphere !!

    Some germans are over-correct, formal and somewhat cold and stiff - but lots of germans are the very opposite, like the street artists in Bamberg: Informal and friendly. You will immediately get in contact with these people.

    Use these chances to become aqainted with Germany !!

    With the friendliest greetings from Denmark - the island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic sea - Jens

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